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3D Home Tours: Gaming Technology Creates Win-Win Experiences for Buyers and Sellers



When does a buyer know that a new home is “the one”? That gut feeling often comes after they’ve had a chance to look around a property in person and get a feel for the place. But what if your real estate listing offered potential buyers the opportunity to move around and really experience your home, anytime, from any device?

Coldwell Banker King is proud to provide its customers with the ability to add a 3D virtual home tour to their online listing. We believe this new application—borrowed from gaming technology—has the potential to be a game-changer.

Here’s how it works: Your home is photographed using a special camera, then those images are uploaded and processed with a dash of technological wizardry to create an interactive virtual tour. Potential buyers can tap any part of the “dollhouse view” to see more of that section. Dragging allows them to turn left and right, and tapping takes them closer to get a better view. A “level” icon allows them to choose which floor to explore. (Careful—it’s so much fun, you may fall in love with your home again and decide you don’t want to sell!)

It’s a given that almost all buyers start their search online these days, sometimes when they’re still in the dreaming stage. If your listing provides the ability for a person to really get a sense of the space—without an appointment—while others don’t have that capability, there’s a huge opportunity for instant customer engagement. It’s all about the customer experience, and this experience is downright entertaining.  

These 3D tours are another tool that CBK can use to generate interest and activity on your property, which is the first step leading to a contract and a closing. Our agents are excited about showing sellers how this innovative technology can give their listing a cutting edge in the real estate marketplace to get their properties viewed, visited, and sold.

See the WLOS Spotlight segment introducing 3D virtual tours:

Demo the virtual tour at:


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