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January 2013

Found 2 blog entries for January 2013.

property values declineStarting this week, the Buncombe County will be mailing notices of real estate values for the first time in seven years. Our real estate is usually reappraised every four years, but the county postponed the 2010 evaluation because of our unpredictable market.

Unfortunately, the recent revaluation appears to be a disappointment to many home owners, as overall property values have fallen. Here's a look at the estimated changes the county will endure:

Preliminary Estimates of Changed Values (Overall)

Buncombe County -2.4%
Asheville +2%
Biltmore Forest -16.3%
Black Mountain +2.9%
Montreat -0.9%
Weaverville -9.2%
Woodfin -11.2%

While those numbers look scary, especially for home owners in Biltmore Forest and Woodfin, there are a few "silver

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log cabin homeLog cabins were originally built for their simplicity. All a person had to do was strip off the bark, preserve the wood and notch the logs together with strategic cuts and mortar. Any skilled pioneer could put together their very own home using the resources that were naturally available.

Today's designs are much more complex, yet the numerous benefits of a log cabin home still make this architectural style popular, 375 years after it was first used by colonial settlers.

Here are some of the top benefits of owning a log cabin home in modern America:


Properly built log cabin homes have the benefit of extended energy efficiency. Because logs are natural insulators, they maintain temperatures better than conventional homes.

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